Sunday, February 25, 2018

Your Peace of Mind

You'd like to have peace of mind. You'd like to keep your children safe, secure and well-provided for, that's why you work so hard to give them a home, send them to good schools to equip them for well-paying jobs or profitable businesses, and  give them the best in life that you can possibly afford.

Having worked hard all these years, you have acquired some properties, perhaps a car, a house and lot, life insurance policies, shares of stock, and saved up some funds  for your future use. You would like these funds and properties to be protected, and passed onto your children, your spouse and chosen persons, organizations or institutions when you pass away. 

You would like to have peace of mind about your family, funds and properties instead of worrying about them. You'd like to put everything in order.

That is why I put up this blog, Your Family Matters, with the goal of providing legal tips on how to take care of your family, funds and property so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

The first step is to keep your important personal and legal documents in order, which means listing these down, and keeping these in a safe place. To help you get started, I wrote a free ebook entitled YOUR TOP 15 PERSONAL & LEGAL DOCUMENTS: KEEP THEM SAFE AND FIND THEM EASILY. The top 15 documents include family registry papers such as birth and marriage certificates, passports and travel documents, real estate documents, financial documents, and vehicle registration documents. There are detailed checklists for every type of document to make sure you cover the most important ones. Get your free soft copy by clicking on this link.

Do you have any question or suggested topics about family matters? Post these in the comments section below. Just keep in mind that these should come within the purpose of this blog, which is, as just mentioned, to provide “legal tips on how to take care of your family, funds and property so that you can enjoy peace of mind.”

I’m eager to hear from you soon. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

22-year-old JJ just started investing in a condominium unit

JJ, age 22, set aside a big  chunk of his salary since he started working a year ago. Last month, learning of a condominium project in Paranaque, he visited the site and did some online research. Shortly after that, he paid the reservation fee of PHP20,000 (USD400) for a studio-type unit and signed the contract to pay PHP4,555 (USD91) a month for 27 months to cover the staggered downpayment. Two years from now, he expects the unit to be completed and delivered to him.